Súlyos hírek

Play sport, choose the power!

The ‘Play sport, chose the power!’ – international weightlifting training camp was organized the 2nd time in Budapest by Endre Szűcs, president of the Weightlifting and free-time Sport Club of Soroksar and the Budapest Weightlifting Federation. 22 athletes from Holland, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary had been preparing for the 19th Soroksar Cup for a week. Hotel Berlin served as home for the athletes, they could train in a great gym, relax in comfortable rooms and were served with a 3 course, abundant Hungarian traditional meals.

During the professional work, trainings were performed according to the individuals qualifications. There were opportunities for spa and sauna after the trainings. Participants could enlarge their knowledge during the weightlifting related presentations regarding training theory, sport history, nutrition and several other interesting topics. We also had a boat trip on the Danube and a sightseeing tour by bus at night. The camp fulfilled its aim, it was a great opportunity for fine tuning the technical elements of the sport, relaxing, getting to know the Hungarian culture and for practicing the Hungarian language. Further broadened the community adoring “do not shower”, “cucumber” and “palinka”. I hope to see you again next year.

Best regards: Adrienn

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